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Almost since its inception the Latindex system has maintained close and fruitful relations of cooperation with the International Centre of the ISSN in Paris, France. Having the support of such international organization of the scale of the ISSN has been important for the development of Latindex due to its role as standardizing authority of serial and periodical publications around the world. That is why it was considered relevant to dedicate a page to the ISSN and various documents originated from this body.


1. One ISSN number for different formats
Editors should request a new ISSN number every time the same publication is edited in a different format: printed, CD-ROM, e-mail, video, web, etc., regardless of whether the publication bears the same title in its different versions. Each version will have an ISSN number and a key title that identifies it as a unique version.


  • Analecta veterinary (CD-ROM) ISSN 1666-2054
  • Analecta veterinary (Online) ISSN 1514-2590
  • Analecta veterinary (Print) ISSN 0365-5148

Each ISSN number must be assigned only by an ISSN center.

2. ISSN application

Editors should apply for the assignment of an ISSN number for their journals in the national or regional center corresponding to their country. In cases in which the country does not have its own center, the ISSN will be given to the publication by the ISSN International Centre based in Paris.

2.1 Obtaining an ISSN number at National or Regional Centers

Addresses and names of responsible persons at national or regional centers are available at  or

Editors can also initiate contact from this page by sending an email to the responsible person in a country or by accessing the page of the chosen Center where more information can be found about specific requirements that must be met to obtain an ISSN number in a specific country.

2.2 Obtaining an ISSN number in countries without national center

The editors of countries without National Center can request the ISSN number for their publications from the webpage:  where an application form can be found under the country of edition of the journal.

The ISSN International Center will consider the assignment process started only when it receives the first published issue of the journal or photocopy of the covers (indicating the title, city of publication, name of the editor, editor’s address) by mail, fax or email. The International ISSN Center will send the number to the editor’s postal or electronic address.

3. The Latindex system and the ISSN

In countries without National ISSN Centre, editors may obtain information to request the ISSN number for their publications through the Latindex´ Collect Centers. The centers will provide advice regarding to the rules of the ISSN system or may act as intermediaries between editors and the International ISSN Center in any related matter.

The new ISSN Standard

A new edition of the International Standard ISO 3297:2007 (Information and documentation – International Standard serial number ISSN) was recently published. The main feature is the ISSN or ISSN-L link. ISSN-L is a mechanism that allows linking between different formats of a continuing resource. It will be possible to assign a single ISSN-L to the different formats of the same title, while maintaining a separate ISSN for each of the formats in which this title is published. Among other improvements, ISSN-L will facilitate the search, recovery and loan through all formats of a title for services such as OpenURL, library catalogs, search engines and databases.

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Standard ISO 3297

In August 2007, the standard ISO 3297 : 2007 was approved:
Information and documentation -- International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
Edition: 4 | Stage: 60.60 | TC 46/SC 9
Document available as of: 2007-08-16

The standard is published in French and English and is available at a cost.