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The need for the ISSN to identify the various medium versions of a continuing resource, for product management purposes. To meet this need, separate ISSN are assigned to the various medium versions of a resource. The linking ISSN or ISSN-L enables collocation or linking among different media versions of a continuing resource.

ISSN-L is defined in the new ISO Standard on ISSN.

ISSN-L is an ISSN designated by the ISSN Network to group the different media versions of a continuing resource.

Only one ISSN-L will be designated regardless of how many different medium versions of a continuing resource exist. A continuing resource will be associated with only one ISSN-L.

The ISSN-L is intended to be eye-readable as well as machine-readable.


Continuing resource in only one medium form: ISSN-L 1748-7188

Online resource: Algorithms for molecular biology = ISSN 1748-7188

Continuing resources in two medium forms:ISSN-L 0264-2875

Printed version: Dance research = ISSN 0264-2875
Online version: Dance research (Online) = ISSN 1750-0095

Continuing resources in three medium forms:ISSN-L 1188-1534

Printed version: Plant varieties journal (Ottawa) = ISSN 1188-1534
Online version: Plant varieties journal (Ottawa. Online) = ISSN 1911-1479
CD-ROM version: Plant varieties journal (Ottawa. CD-ROM) = ISSN 1911-1460

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